Monday, April 14, 2008

In the Hostel again

ok so I am back from home.. and it was as always a lazy weekend
except for the part where i was trying to put together an ensemble for the upcoming official and buttering my mom trying to convince her to let me go to a disco for the unofficial party.. which I finally succeeded in after quite a few tears, screams, tantrums, cajoling, logics, promises etc etc

I don't know from where two very dark posts came out of me yesterday.. have posted one on my other blog today.. will try to post the other one tomorrow
now I have to run 'coz I have my final sem presentation tomorrow on something called "smart sensors" of which I have absolutely no idea
and yes, i am going to Rishikesh for my college trip on wednesday
c ya later


humbl devil said...

oye...have a fab time ahead!!!
yeh pyaar vyaar se bhi acche cheez hai zindagi mai...hehe
btw, i found that post disturbing...

personal philosophy...
you attract things by dwelling on keep off dark things and think only good things :D

freesherry said...

@humble devil
yeah I intend to
yes yes I know :)
that is why my life rocks :D

and about that post.. It was just to bring an issue close to my heart to notice
don't worry i am bindaas hamesha mafik :D :D

Ankur said...

hehee... enjoy and have fun

hrishikesh is a nice place to be, enjoy and raft if u cant... u will enjoy it like helll :D


freesherry said...

yes yes I am looking forward to rafting and of course living in a tent without electricity.. and of course the campfires
yummm hoga :D

anuj said...

been there done that ;)
no electricity dude .. only oil lamps ..
yup the few final dyz are full of party n parting (not partying):D
enjy !!

d SINNER!!! said...


goin for trip,...gr8....

:) enjoy gal n i loved the frst depressin post...:P

freesherry said...

@anuj oil lamps.. how romantic.. :sigh: :sob: :sigh:

freesherry said...

@d sinner
i hope i have a fun time
u did??
hehe I hope that doesn't inspire me into writing more depressing posts :D

Shruti said...

Hey thts really cool..Rishikesh is awesome... don't miss Rafting :)
will chk ur space for some snaps thn..
til thn

humbl devil said...

btw, have tagged ya...details at my abode...

humbl devil said...
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Reeta Skeeter said...


Mez said...

U back from trip..howz it?

A said...

check my 2nd blog

durjoy datta said...

enjoy your trip!!
rafting is great fun!!!

Vandita said...

have a super trip :)

C R D said...

hehe. i guess all of us butter up our moms only.dads dont deserve it [:P]

will chk the dark posts in ur other blog too

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