Monday, April 14, 2008

In the Hostel again

ok so I am back from home.. and it was as always a lazy weekend
except for the part where i was trying to put together an ensemble for the upcoming official and buttering my mom trying to convince her to let me go to a disco for the unofficial party.. which I finally succeeded in after quite a few tears, screams, tantrums, cajoling, logics, promises etc etc

I don't know from where two very dark posts came out of me yesterday.. have posted one on my other blog today.. will try to post the other one tomorrow
now I have to run 'coz I have my final sem presentation tomorrow on something called "smart sensors" of which I have absolutely no idea
and yes, i am going to Rishikesh for my college trip on wednesday
c ya later

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Billi Back From Dilli :D

Heylo everybody!

sorry for no post yesterday... was too busy having a blast and by the time it was time for the post.. I was dead tired, dropped off to bed(ooops I mean the gadda on the floor in the drawing room :D) without a care in the world
Ok so the billi is back from dilli
yesterday was great
we woke up to a delicious breakfast of pav bhaji and the yummiest cold coffee I have ever had,
and later went to a nearby market, where I got my hands coloured with henna. I absolutely love getting that done.. and the henna seems to like me too 'coz my hands get this really really deep maroonish blackish red (everyone tells me its really lucky hehe so no complaints :) )
when we got back, vani(my rumie) decided to try on the saree which she was planning to wear for the farewell
when it comes to sarees can I be far behind?? :D so there I was trying on aunty's yellow saree on a pair of jeans and an olive green Shirt.. bole to ekdum joker ishtyle but then if its fun ki farak painda h??
In the afternoon we went to watch shaurya and since I was leaving my hair open(having got it straightened for the convocation.. i was having full fun with my temporarily pretty hair) , aunty ( who I must say is an absolute darling) suggested i wear vani's spring butterfly, so I clipped it on and everyone said i looked like a complete billi, so not surprisingly I spent the rest of the day preening like a cat and going meow meow :D :D :D

By the way, Shaurya was great, I mean one of my favourite movies of recent times.. great acting, great humour (witty and dry.. just the way I like it :) ) and of course a great story
loved it
and after the movie we spent an hour browsing through EDM Haat and I bought three pairs of absolutely ravishing earrings :D, one of them was shaped like a crown, which of course was nothing short of perfect for The Queen :D
we would have ended our day with chocolate Mc Swirls, but unfortunately, The McDonald's counter was out of stock, so instead we ended it desi style with pan toffees that were refreshingly mouthwatering
then we just dropped to bed(ooops gaddas) exhausted
Now I am back from my little trip but the euphoria refuses to fade
:meow: :meow:
Now the billi is missing dilli

Saturday, April 5, 2008

The perfect day

Had a near perfect day today...
Two exams(which went much better than i had expected considering that i hadn't studied at all) and last sem's result( I passed!!!! :D :D :D ) later, i was finally on my way to delhi to spend a much awaited weekend at my rumie vani's place
On the way we made a little detour and went to Bangla sahib
its beatiful and so peaceful
it was like in those few moments inside its golden dome with the path playing softly in the background and hordes of people kneeling in silent prayer with no rush no anger.. I was in paradise.. one with my soul..
anyway from there we went to CP and i met a very very interesting fellow there and had the time of my life
If it wasnt for my friends banging on the doors of CCd I wouldn't have budged from there :D
anyway now i am at vani's place well fed and well loved (aunty is an absolute darling muuaaaah!!! :) ) and as i look back at my day... all i can think of is the word perfect :)

Thursday, April 3, 2008

of flying hats and saree syndromes

sorry guys for not writing yesterday's post.

Yesterday was the convocation ceremony for the batch which passed out before us and I was there till 10 pm, being the head compere and by the time i got back I was dead tired

As to the report.. here it is:

The compeering went fine apart from a few hiccups, extremely upsetting last minute changes, and a storm threatening rain every second.

Less than 1 hour before the ceremony was to start, I was suddenly called back from the hostel and rushed without warning into Mr. Mishra(member governing body which practically means royalty in our college) who informed me that the chairman of the college, who was suppose to read out the chief guest's profile and do a lot of other stuff was not going to come.. so I had to prepare it in less than an hour(in which i also had to get dressed, get ready and make sure my other comperes were perfect) and it had to be flawless(you can't afford to offend THE CHIEF GUEST now can u??)

and I stood there nodding my dumbly as he gave my hand a vigorous shake and sent me off to tackle a non-stop, no-scope-for-mistakes, 5-minute long speech

but that by far was not the toughest part of the day.. that was the fact that I had to wear a saree for the whole evening.. and since I had to be onstage all the time.. it meant walking gracefully in it, not stumbling(which was quite a task considering I am an expert stumbler even in jeans, let alone a saree) add to that the fact that it was an outdoor function and the winds were blowing with a kind of vengeance.. my palla was flying all over the place and my hair were getting whipped around my face and neck.. all this while I was reading that blasted profile and the rest

GOD!!! It was murderous!!

and then there were the teachers.. all of our lecturers dressed in those red gowns and red caps perched at all kinds of angles.. and the oldies.. sitting in the front row and snoring away to glory.. :sigh:

and they expected us to compere with a straight face and a grave manner befitting a funeral :sigh: :sigh: what worse tortures can befall anyone??

but watching our seniors all tossing their hats up in the air and cheering together was a sight that will stay with me forever.. there was such passion, such freshness, such dreams and such hope in that one moment.. as the black of their hats rose up to dissolve in the black of the night and then reappeared in their outstretched hands.. it was pure magic

The dinner at the end of the ceremony was a fitting reward.. I have never seen the canteen gardens look that beautiful.. with shimmering lights on all the hedges, as if the stars had been on the guest list too :)

and the food.. especially the paneer tikka :yummmmmmmmmm:

I can still taste it melting on my tongue.. Had fun with my little team of comperes.. A.D., Y.K. and A.S.. some pretty funny pictures and quite a lot of bitching later I finally got back to the hostel, only to parade around in my saree in all the rooms and to have a full fledged photo session :D :D

all in all a fulfilling day and a fit end to my compeering career in college :)

now time for some thanks giving :

my compeering team:

guys u rock.. thanks for making some sense out of the crazy circus

A.D.: Thanks for giving all the right pauses and the right intonations and for not pushing me off the stage :D :D

Y.K: thanks for making sure I say "Good Eeeevening everybody" right :D

and for making the sarasvati vandana sound like a prayer and not a seduction

and yes for carrying my bag around and letting us kick u around :)

A.S: Thanks for being there when we all needed u and for proving what a gem of a friend that you are :)

and how can I forget.. P.M: for being the coolest Bhagwan around and for adding such spice to our vellapantis :D

PS: today was fun.. thanks to my straightened hair(for yesterday) and my cool new top, everyone said i looked great today, some went as far as to say I looked hot .. hehe.. had some success with my project work and the best part.. got a huge framed collage of my pictures from my friends as a whooping surprise gift(actually they wanted to give it for my birthday, but for some reason or the other, it got delayed by a month and a half) it was just sooooooooo good and special, I was completely bereft of words.. so today i sleep a happy fulfilled kid :)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The histoy of FUCK

My lappy kept me awake the whole of last night as a result of which I ended up missing all of my classes except one, which i spent sitting at the end of class watching "andaz apna apna" on the lappy using a pair of hidden headphones :D :D

The rest of the day was bunked under the disguise of practicing for the convocation ceremony on Wednesday(for which I am the compere)

most of which was actually spent way away from the college, munching on pizza in a near deserted pizzahut in sector 14 with the rest of my compeering team

I was the only girl in that group of 5, a fact these guys decided to overlook. As a result I was witness to some pretty interesting conversations. bole to fultoo guy talk

discussing everything from

the pros and cons of working within the system or without..

seasons of "how I met your mother" and "The Simpsons"..

raunchy jokes..

gay jokes..

whether dariyayi ghoda is a sea horse or a hippopotamus (which lead to a heated discussion on whether dariya is a lake or a marsh or open sea)..

The detailed biology of a vesiculectomy..

who has the hots for which hot girl in college..

the detailed actual meaning of various swear words.. for instance the commonly used hindi abuse word chutiya means the clitoris

a discussion on whether an idol is human or should he be God(one particular person's idol worship being in question here)

and yes some very interesting word roots.. the best of which was "FUCK"

I found out that FUCK is actually an acronym which originated in Britain in the 15th century or so. So as to control the fast growing population, it was decreed that even to have sex with one's wife, one had to take a permit from the king. Those who had the permit used to put up a sign outside their doors stating "Fornicating Under Consent of King" or simply FUCK

Quite an interesting day now, wasn't it?

Even though I was thrown way out of my comfort zone today, what with being part of conversations which I had never even dared to have in a group of girls let alone one of boys and even though my ears turned as hot as the inside of a furnace from embarressment on more than one occassion (it might surprise u but I am the kind of girl who rarely swears, in fact I didnt even know the meaning of most of the swear words till 3rd year of college), I actually enjoyed myself a lot. All the discussions, all the facts, all the fun added much spice to my otherwise drab life and to my own surprise I am actually looking forward to spending more time with these guys..

Monday, March 31, 2008


been busy all day with compeering practices for the convocation ceremony day after

everytime i get a hang of the script, they change it Grrrrhhhhh

but that's nothing.. i just finished formatting my lappy for the 4th time in a row and have still failed to make a partition of my hard drive and right now i am too tired to try again

good night take care

lappy free dreams :sigh: :sigh: :sigh:

Sunday, March 30, 2008

I am back

well people, I promised to write a post a day but was prevented to do so because of my conked net connection. Finally after almost a month of cajoling the router wala, he came a couple of days back and the net is working fine(for the time being atleast).. so from now on i'll try to put up a post a day pakka se
I got back from home today after a lazy weekend of sleeping till the afternoon and hour long walks on the terrace.
The bus ride was as stuffy, filthy and thought invoking as ever. Somehow, when I sit in the bus amidst all that dust and noise(which I block out with the help of my headphones) and the unrelenting crush of crashing bodies, it is the time when i have my most creative ideas..
may be i withdraw to some higher state.. I don't know, its just that sometimes I lose complete track of what's going around me in the bus and go somewhere else..
anyway.. got a couple of new ideas on this ride.. will try to turn them into stories
even wrote this really mast poem in the drafts of my cell phone.. and was going to post it today.. which brings me to the sad part of my day my cellphone fell off the bed today and the lcd screen cracked.. making it impossible to see a thing.. so now i can't post the poem and my cell is useless :( :( :(
thats all for the day
catch u guys 2morrow